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Is Sports Betting a Trend Within?

Sports betting has flourished over time with the evolution of sports. Sports’ betting is a practice of predicting the outcome of sports concerning all events online. Most of the sports bets around the world are placed on American football, baseball, hockey, and a bunch of racing events. Punters bet to get some additional money. The earnings of bettors depend on the odds of the bookmaker.

Types of betting

Sports betting involve varied forms of betting, some of which are discussed.


  • Money line Betting: Money line betting depends on the outcome of the game. The bettor wins if his chosen team wins outright. Often the bettor couples this type of bet on the team with the winning potential to increase the payout.


  • Spread Betting: In this kind of bet, the bettors make wagers against the spread or the conditions determined. The bookmaker determines certain conditions. The bettor needs to win as per the conditions to claim the money. This is the most common American sports betting.


  • Total Bets: Total bets are solely based on the total score between the teams. If the combined total is the same as the proposed total, the bet is called a push.  


  • Proposition Bets: Proposition bets are made on a very specific outcome regardless of the final result of the match. To be more specific, the bet is placed on a particular player to accomplish a certain task. 

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  • Parlays: A parley involves a sequence of bets that rewards successful bettors with a greater payout only if every bet is a parley win. A parley is of at least two bets on the lower limit and upper limit goes to as many bets the bookmaker may allow. เกมส์ คาสิโน

Sports’ Betting in India

Sports have always been a trend in India. Sports unite people regardless of religion, caste, creed, and color. But sports’ betting is mainly prohibited except for horse races. India’s Supreme Court has ruled horse racing a game of skill and, therefore, legal.


Apart from the government orders, it widely regarded as unethical throughout the country. The public sentiment is against gambling, as it observed as a dead-end to the financial stability of a person. Mythology also conveys the same message that gambling and betting do not deliver favorable outcomes.

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However, gamblers in India often trespass the law and find themselves in the illegal territory. Despite the law and the jurisdiction against gambling and betting, India comes across several scams and scandals corresponding to gambling.

Famous sports’ betting scandals 

The scandal in the field of sports, most important cricket, involving the then South African captain Hansie Cronje and Indian bookmaker Mukesh Gupta is a famous one indeed. The latter successfully convinced Hansie Cronje to throw away a test match in Kanpur. Cronje was paid off 65000 euros. This later came up in the police inquiry, and Cronje was put on a life ban from cricket.


Despite the scandals and contrary outcomes of gambling and betting, sports betting has surely developed as a trend. With millions following this trend, it’s now unavoidable.


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